2 original and special services

The great knowledge and interest of BAT for the art field and more particularly the actual Art led her to offer 

2 original and particular services:

1/ ADVICE, promotion and expertise of contemporary artists and professional artisans


This service is intended for companies or foundations wishing to build collections or expand their collections of contemporary works of art.


Based on expertise and media analysis, we offer talented works and promising artists recognized on the current art market. We consider that today, the different artistic practices intersect. Most artists try themselves regularly and naturally with different techniques. That's why we do not feel constrained us to one artistic discipline in particular.


Art of today is a subtle mix of artistic disciples linked to a 'know-how' from specific professions, be it in the field of the stage, literature, music, visual arts, design or fashion.

2/ marketing through art

 We offer a particular form of communication through the development of current artists and works of art through a commercial brand.

The artistic identity is put forward for the benefit of a brand.


We do not corporate philanthropy (donation of money for a work, a concert, an artist ... without commercial direct intention).

By this service, we do not do the 'conventional' advertising (traditional media and messages). This, we propose in the 'marketing & image' section.


We do 'specific advertising' with a unique and creative personality.

The company stands out from the others and shows itself to its audience in an original way.


Does the artist sell his soul to the devil? From BAT point of view absolutely not.


Like everyone else, the artist has to earn his daily bread. It sometimes takes a little while before he has the chance to exhibit in a big institution.

So, the artist will work on order for advertising purposes.


In the 1930s, René Magritte was already producing posters for the Belgian airline "Sabena". This did not prevent him from being recognized as a great artist.