BAT strategy & creation

Each client has specific needs

We propose a strategic and creative work according to your needs. We combine 'traditional' tools as well as marketing and analytics tools related to digital technology. Digital technology allow us indeed to measure quantify the impact of a communication project.


Depending on your reality, we help you make the right choices for your visual strategies.


DESIGN only: a taste of  'too little'

The design aspect is 'the icing on the cake' of a strategic thinking process related to your business structure.

This is why we offer a consultancy phase (advice, strategic analysis) before proposing strategies and launching the creative process.

Design must be part of your marketing strategy and plan. It must therefore be taken into consideration in your business costs.

Building a brand, an image or a branding is a daily work.

From your reality, we develop customized strategies tailored to your wishes.


It is therefore a question of thinking about a long-term vision.

step  1

Analysis and reflection (consultancy and strategy)

step  2

Implementing ideas (creative solutions)

step  3

Project launch (finalization of the creation and launch)